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About Us

For the past 20 years, we have been opening new markets around the globe.

60 countries later, we would like for you to share in our success.

What we’ve achieved

Worked on multibillion dollar deals

Actively interacted with heads of state, and senior ministers, all over the world

Actively promoted business in the aviation/airport, maritime, security, defence and telecommunications industries

Worked on various Safe City and policing initiatives

Established a vast network of contacts and partners, in 60 countries around the world

Worked on large and lucrative Public Private Partnerships and concession agreements with foreign governments, around the world, resulting in closed deals

Taken a North American manufacturer to Europe, penetrating the Spanish market and leading to a revenue increase of 200% in the first year

Brought a European manufacturer to the North American market, establishing local operations and a manufacturing facility, with a 350% increase in revenue, in the first 2 years of operation.


Key Partners

Eugene Gerstein


Eugene has been described as a visionary executive, with a rich cross industry and cross functional background and a vast amount of experience in Public-Private Partnerships, based on a strong ability to navigate geopolitical currents.

With additional partners in the firm, we also have a network of associates, in over 60 countries worldwide


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